The official website of Waylon Jennings
the official website of Willie Nelson Friendship

The official waylon jennings website.  www.waylon.com  This site is dedicated to the original outlaw that started it all. 

The official Jessi Colter website.  www.officialjessicolter.com.

The official Shooter Jennings website.  www.shooterjennings.com.  Waylon's son is a little bit country and a whole lot of rock and roll.  Make sure you have a high speed connection.  This website is fancy!

The official site of Billy Joe Shaver www.billyjoeshaver.com.  This was the original Honky Tonk Hero.  Wrote many a classic that you've heard.  This man is an original.  My favorite cd is 'Tramp on Your Street' but listen to him and you'll get hooked.  Had the pleasure of meeting him at a few shows.  He'd walk around in the crowd and nobody knew who he was... until somebody would recognize him and go CRAZY!! Everybody else would be looking going... huh, wha..  This guy is a TRUE AMERICAN TREASURE.  Tell him so while he's still alive and kicking a**.

That's Waylon with Buddy.  Closest thing to an official Buddy Holly website is www.buddyhollycenter.org.  Waylon and Buddy were best friends.  Waylon was maybe 19 the day the music died.  Buddy had produced his first album and Waylon often joked that Buddy would have ruined him by making him a rock and roll star.  Waylon would often admit that he thought of Buddy every day of his life.  If you were lucky enough to hear Waylon remember Buddy you will never forget it.  I was very, very lucky.  Buddy's widow is so protective of Buddy's image that I can't imagine what exists but is never seen.... It's a shame really.