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November 16, 2010

If you are looking for music, I have it.  Email me and I can send you a list of cds, cassettes and a few dvd performances from Steve Earle and Johnny Cash.  Have patience, I am just starting to ship once a week for now and will make it more frequent as the days progress.

April 9, 2010
Rare footage of Waylon working in the recording studio with Jesse Dayton

April, 2010
Updates continue.  videos, music and photos to be added throughout the month.  Links to facebook and myspace coming too.

March 29, 2010
Launch of waylonandwillie.com



The official Billy Ray Cyrus Waylon T shirt is now available. It's now in transit from the screenprinters to Bruce in shipping. It's on sale until Monday, when it will go back to regular price. The shirt is long overdue, it's the waylon flying w big and proud in silver on the front of a black shirt. It's been requested for a long time and then..... Billy Ray shows up with one on his CMT special. Keep in mind that Waylon went from sort of making fun of the guy in the achy breaky heart days to having a special kinship with him in Waylon's later years. Whatever you say about the guy, he's continued to have a successful career in music and television. And more importantly, he's a committed dad and family man. Also, check out the updated photos of the oval vinyl stickers. They finally reflect the correct color schemes. These are really nice stickers for your car, road case or computer (like on mine!).

Johnny Knoxville has now designed 2 shirts for us. They are at the screenprinters now and you will LOVE THEM!!! I've had the pleasure of talking with him and working through countless designs (the guys LLLLLLLOOOOOOOVVVVEEEES Waylon and has a ton of ideas). I wouldn't let my 7 year old watch his show but after getting to know him just a little bit, knowing he's a true friend to Shooter and a Tennessee boy who loves Waylon....I have a true respect for him. This guy has made a career out doing things his own crazy way. On that note, Johnny and his crew of misfits will be taking over MTV on February 9th for 24 straight hours. I'm planning on watching because he might just be wearing one of the new Johnny Knoxville designed waylon t's. Hopefully he won't get any blood on it. I swear every other photo I see of the guy, he's wearing a waylon necklace or belt buckle.

Lastly, I have 20 of the boxed set in stock. It was on backorder which I guess is a good sign. Please send me any performance photos you have of Shooter so I can post them, he's starting his touring schedule in earnest now. And if you any older waylon shots or shots of Shooter as a kid, I'd love to post those as well. Watch for new photo galleries popping up in the coming days.

WAYLON RULES in 08!! Watch for his return!



Happy New Year Hoss Army!

If anyone has seen the Billy Ray Cyrus CMT Going Home Special you'll notice a big ol waylon logo t shirt on Billy Ray while he's performing. We'll have that shirt in January...it'll be the Billy Ray design. Johnny Knoxville has designed several new shirts and those are now in production. I'll be touching base with Jessi after the holidays to catch up on her busy schedule. If you have any returns from Christmas, make sure you call Beth at 240-285-2700 to warn her it's coming. Send it back to the po box with a copy of your pack slip and what you want us to do. Exchange for a bigger size or a smaller one. PLEASE make sure you have your phone number and email on there as well. Talk to you in the new year. Take advantage of the final 2 days of sale items. They will all be regularly priced on Jan 2.




Happy Halloween Hoss Heads!
Check out Shooter's new album and video on CMT. It's in stores now and if you can't get it, I'm working on getting it for waylon.com. In honor of the album "The Wolf" I'm gonna re-release the Will the Wolf Survive design from the vintage Waylon catalog. We put alot of things on sale for the Christmas season and we are retiring several items. I need to apologize for not communicating recently - My Dad has been in the hospital for more than a month now. I spent about 2 straight weeks at the best heart hospital in the country in Washington DC and now thank the good Lord above..everything is looking good and he should be coming home this weekend! Waylon would have been proud... he had quadruple bypass surgery and a whole lot more. Everytime I see him get up out of bed, I can't help but think of Waylon and his stories about he and Johnny Cash walked down the halls after their bypass surgeries with their rear ends sticking out. Now that's a visual. Leather Jackets are on order and will be in stock at the end of November. I just put in alot of reorders so things will be added as November goes on. I would recommend ordering any Christmas items early, when Shooter starts hitting the talk shows... (like the Tonight Show on November 15) alot more folks will find waylon.com and order the vintage stuff. FYI-- Waylon's estate is now methodically going after bootleggers on ebay. I'll keep you informed about their latest targets on the news flash portion of the website. Don't forget to check out all the sale stuff and items that are being retired.

waylon rules!!


Hoss Army!!
Just got my first 30 copies of the final concert dvd and audio collection. Plus the Essential 2 cd set. They are now listed on waylon.com in the new stuff section and in dvd and music section. Updates all week this week. Don't forget the news section on the home page by Waylon's photo.
These cds and dvds ROCK!!!



Win an advanced copy of "The Essential Waylon Jennings" 2 CD set. There are several ways to win. 1 CD will go to someone who answers this trivia question - What was the episode and season of the Dukes of Hazzard television series that Waylon Jennings appeared in. Appeared in as a character with his face and everything. NOT THE NARRATOR ROLE. 1 CD will go to a random online order from Friday July 20 through Saturday July 21 at 11:00 am eastern. 2 CD's will be awarded to anyone who orders via phone between now and Saturday July 21 at 11:00 am eastern. You will also enjoy free domestic US shipping by placing a phone order during this time. If Beth doesn't answer, leave your name and phone number and she'll call you back. She has 15 signature sets with the Dukes colors (orange and black) available via phone only. These are the same design as the other signature series but with black and orange. They are $90 for the set. Ask her about all of her jewelry specials. Good luck and we will send out the cd on Saturday so it will have a chance to arrive to you BEFORE it's released.

Also, the New Dudes shirt is listed and new necklaces. This is a quick contest, my advanced copies were delayed cause they had an incomplete address on them. They are in my hands now and I'd like to get these out to the winners as early as possible. Good luck and have fun. Keep in mind you have several chances to win, by ordering online, by ordering via phone (with free shipping) and by sending an email.

I'll announce winners on Saturday night via the new 'LATEST NEWS' module on the waylon.com home page. Check it out!!!!! It should be activated this weekend to announce the winners!!!!



Hey Waylon Army!!

I am in Nashville and preparing to set up WAYLON HQ tomorrow at the Dukes Fest. I have a brand new signature orange and black special edition Waylon belt buckle in honor of Dukesfest in hand. I have 2 cases of Waylon BBQ sauce. Bruce has a few that should be listed on ebay by now. These are rare and hard to find. I'll take some photos this weekend and add them to the photo galleries to keep you up to date. Can't wait to see the old band guys and especially Tommy Jennings. 3 brand new shirts will be listed this weekend as well. If you are here you can purchase one. We are getting ready to retire a lot of designs so if you see something you want and it's in stock, get it now. There will soon be a new 'news' link on the home page below waylon's photo. Probably next week. That way I can update you without sending this bulk email business. Check out Dukesfest and waylon.com this weekend. Beth is here, I'm here, Bruce is still shipping.

Thanks to Keith, Joe and Nick!!! Come by and say hi at WAYLON HQ at the Tennessee State Fairgrounds.




Hey Waylon Army!

Waylon Jennings makes history again!

"Theme from The Dukes of Hazzard" (Good Ol' Boys), has been awarded the first Platinum country certification for a Mastertone, recognizing one million purchased ringtones. Written and performed by Waylon Jennings, the 1980 No. 1 hit had already earned a Gold Mastertone award when the RIAA launched the certification program last June. On the certification, Sony BMG Nashville Chairman Joe Galante said in a prepared statement, ââ,¬Å"For a man whose music and character literally helped redefine country music, it's an incredible testament to the enduring nature of his talent that 31 years after he shared in the first Platinum country album, one of his hits delivers another million-selling first for a whole new generation. Galante is referring to the first RIAA-certified Platinum country album 1976's Wanted! The Outlaws, the RCA disc which featured Jennings, with Willie Nelson, Jessi Colter, and Tompall Glaser.

Incredible. This proves the staying power of Waylon and his music. To celebrate, I just listed the classic road crew t shirt "This is No Dress Rehearsal, We Are Professionals, and This is the Big Time." And it's on sale now until April 2nd for $15.99. I'm also putting the "Waylon Rules" T shirt on sale because it is clear that Waylon still Rules!

It's official, we are going to meet at this year's Dukesfest. I met with Ms. Alma, Cooter and got Jessi's approval to host a WAYLON HQ for the Waylon Army at our own building on the Tennessee State Fairgrounds the first weekend in June. Plan on attending Saturday and Sunday for great music, great times and to see old friends. Last year there were 10s of thousands and they are expecting even more. I'm trying to get the Crickets there, Tommy Jennings there, Buddy and all the Hoss Heads, Waylon memorabilia, and hopefully Jessi and Shooter again. I'm also trying to track down old crew members and band members to attend and sign autographs if need be. I'm going to speak with Alma tomorrow to try and determine an official Waylon hotel. If you just can't wait, go to www.cootersplace.com and find out more info and buy tickets to Dukesfest and even make reservations. There will be more info on their site and waylon.com as well.

With Waylon setting the mark for digital ringtones, I can guarantee that your Waylon collection just went up in value!!!

Also, you only have a few more days to reserve your signature set of Waylon Wing Motorcycle Mirrors. The next ones will not bear his signature on the arms. These will be worth a fortune in the future.




Happy New Year Waylonites!!! Hope everyone is well and had a very Waylon Christmas. I have great news about Jessi. She's planning on playing a few dates this year and is working on another album as we speak. She's hoping to get together with Waylon biographer and future Rock Hall of Fame guitarist Lenny Kaye to record. I was able to visit with her and many of Waylon's band in Denver at the Governor's Inaugural Celebration. Jessi was in great spirits and the band included Reggie Young, Richie Albright, Jenny Lynn, Barney and Carter Robertson, Bee Spears (Willies bassist) and music man extraordinaire Christopher Robin. That's right, it's his real name. I wish I could have taken my camera. The music was unbelievable. It sent chills up my spine to hear those guys playing together again. I know they enjoyed it and I know the bartender enjoyed it as well.

I'm working hard on revamping the website. I'm hoping you'll be able to purchase screensavers soon along with lots of other electronic items that you'll be able to enjoy as you like. I can't give too many more details on that aspect for a while. There are some serious discussions on a Waylon family, band and friends reunion. I'm hoping we can pull that off later this year.

On the merchandise front. The belt buckles are now available in NON SIGNATURE form. This one is not limited edition and is priced around $20. Same quality, same design just not limited edition. Flasks and Shot glasses are now available in the miscellaneous section. These will be re-ordered but we are low on stock right now. Also, the next original piece of art is available.

Shooter has a new video out, make sure you check out CMT to view it. I'm ordering new Shooter Merchandise as we speak so watch for that as well.

Lots more info in February. Stay Warm!!



Happy Holidays Waylon Army!!

Jessi is busy getting her house and home ready for Christmas. She's thinking about putting together another album in 2007 which is great news. Shooter is touring the West Coast around LA this time of the year to stay close to his home. If you haven't gotten the chance to hear Shooter live you can now purchase his Live CD on waylon.com. It's a good one and shows that Shooter has what it takes for the long haul. I'm hoping Shooter and Jessi will record some more together, can you imagine a duet album? That to me would be a shoe in for Vocal Event of the Year.

The belt buckles are selling unbelievably and we are now on the last batch. The good news is you can now purchase 1 of only 99 14k gold plated belt buckles. These are already selling fast. More than 20 are gone already. Only 99 will be made in 2006. Also there are 2 solid gold pendants that were specially made. These are the 'Johnny Knoxville' pendants that will be sold in sterling silver when they are finally shipped to me. It's the same pendant Johnny wore on the cover of Spin Magazine this year. Only ours is 14 karat solid gold. The first one is available online now. The second will be listed after the first and will have a slight increase in price. These will be the only 2 ever produced with 2006 imprinted on the back.

Also, I am listing some country compilations with Waylon singing a song or two. These are very limited quantities. I buy them when I can find them. Also, look for new items in the limited edition section daily. I'm selling a few samples in that section and I'll be ebaying 1 or 2 through itzbruce this week.

VERY IMPORTANT. If you want your order by Christmas you must order by this Saturday at midnight. That is for domestic US orders only. For overseas, it's already too late and for Canada the same. There's always a slim chance the Canadian ones will get there for a few more days but we can not guarantee it.

Please have a safe and enjoyable holiday this year and next year would have been Waylon's 70th year. It's going to be awesome. Every year, thanks to waylon.com and most of all the Waylon Army, more and more people discover Waylon G***** Jennings!!!!



Hey there Waylon Army!!

You now number 7382!! Now at last - the belt buckles we have all been waiting for.

For the first time waylon.com is doing a signature series. All 4 items will feature Waylon Jennings' signature molded into the back. Make sure you look at the 'additional photos' section in each item. You can view the backs there. These items will be limited to 150 units each. To give the Waylon Army first shot at these collector's items waylon.com is offering a 4 pack containing 1 of each item. You can pre-order this 'Signature Package' containing:
1 Red Flying W on Black Background Belt Buckle initially valued at $39.99
1 Classic Antiqued Flying W Belt Buckle initially valued at $39.99
1 Red Flying W on Black Background Dog Tag Necklace initially valued at $18.99
1 Guitar Pick Necklace initially valued at $12.99

email me your address and how many 'Signature Sets' you would like to order so I can prelabel and prepackage your items. These will be produced on October 27th and will ship out to you on November 1 or before. Deadline for this offer is October 27th. Please send an email to waylon.com@adelphia.net or through waylon.com with your order. Your set will not be put in your name until I receive your funds.

The total value of the 'Signature Set' is $121.96 (merchandise plus shipping). You can purchase your sets for $95 each which includes shipping to the United States. If you live outside the US add $9.50 to the total. Make checks or money order in US Funds payable to Waylon.com PO Box 518 New Market, MD 21774

As is our usual custom, after the initial 50 are sold the cost of these items will increase. This means the value of your collection will increase. After the next 50 are sold, these items will increase in price and value. The only exception to this process is this special offer. If the Waylon Army preorders all 150 sets I will honor this price. At that time I will set the value by watching ebay and I can guarantee the value will be at least double.

Remember these items are the first signature series we have ever done. The signature series will be limited to 150 pieces.

And coming soon --- A Jessi Colter belt buckle!! And 2 new Waylon shirts.

Get the boxed set. It is awesome.



Hello Waylon Heads,

I have to start out with an apology to everyone who pre-ordered the "Nashville Rebel" boxed set. I had pre-arranged a full month in advance a pre-order of 30 boxed sets directly from the record label. Well, guess what, it never came. So, there are 30 people out there who ordered this thing and have yet to get it. For that I am sorry. I should have NEVER trusted a record company. Did the label ever give me a good reason? Did they really care? They finally took notice when I told them I will be refunding everyone's money and tell the nearly 10000 people on my email list the entire story. I know Waylon is somewhere shaking his head. This would have been no surprise to him. It's no wonder Waylon felt the way he did about the record business. The bottom line is this - they sent me tracking numbers and it's scheduled to arrive on Friday October 6th. At that time I will immediately send them out. I apologize to all 30 of you who are impatiently waiting on this thing. It's a crying shame because this package is otherwise incredible. The order of songs is similar to what I would have put together had I been making my own boxed set. Especially disc 3 and disc 4. Disc 4 has a theme that's beyond words and flows deep below the surface. At first glance, I never would have put these songs together but the last few songs in this set show how many facets Waylon had. Waylon had a universal appeal because he was a thoughtful, caring artist who made his way through life and wrote songs about it. This boxed set reflects that.

Here are the answers to the trivia questions:
1- Waylon had alot of nicknames from Hoss to Watasha to Waymore. Everyone got this right.
2 - Waylon played a Fender Telecaster which was his most famous. He also played played an acoustic guild guitar which is featured on the poster which is for sale on waylon.com
3 - Steel guitar players... the 3 most prominent were Ralph Mooney, Robby Turner, Fred Newell. No offense to the other fine pickers.
4 - That song was written especially for Robby Turner and is featured on "Man of Steel" which is also available on waylon.com.
5 - Boy, a famous waylon quote, you could fill a book. Maybe I will one day. My personal favorite was one he told me when he met my wife - "Well Hoss, it looks like you married above yourself. Just like I did."
6 - The Nashville Rebel (on dvd at waylon.com)
7 - This one was the kicker.... Jackson King. Alot of people had some great guesses.

This was a fun contest and I plan on doing it again soon.

Now some great news. I hired Beth to handle customer service for waylon.com. She will be answering many of your emails and will man the phone. She will have set hours to return calls and set hours that she will be answering the phone in person. She's already been answering many of the roughly 100 emails we get every day. I will continue to answer them as well. This will free me up to concentrate on making new waylon merchandise. Especially the new dog tag necklace, guitar pick necklace, waylon wing necklace (the same one that Johnny Knoxville is wearing on this issue of 'Spin' Magazine and on many talk shows) and yes --- a waylon BELT BUCKLE!!!! The molds have been made and I will get samples sent to me on Monday or Tuesday. I will not pre-sell these as I have learned my lesson well. However, I will be posting photos of these items in the miscellaneous section of the online store at waylon.com as soon as I get the samples. When I have them in hand I will allow orders to be taken. I am also planning on selling the artist proof samples. So serious collectors get ready. More on that later.

I'd also like to report that I have now scanned in more than 1200 concert photos of Waylon that I had taken in the 90's. I am now working on some slides and negatives from the early 70's. My plan is to digitally archive every piece of Waylon I can get my hands on for future generations. Last but not least, watch for 2 new t-shirt designs by the end of October.

I hope everyone is well and I plan on expanding the website to include lots more info on Jessi and a more extensive bio on Waylon.





The winners of the Advance Copy of the "Nashville Rebel Boxed Set" are......

Sue Holland from Milton Florida won via the drawing.

Out of nearly 175 entries only 6 people got all the answers correct.

The 2 winners are Lu Ann Wunderlich and Jim Hankin!!! Congrats to you guys and these will be sent out tomorrow.




Just a quick note to let you know I've gotten hundreds of entries and there are actually a few who got all of the trivia questions correct! As I suspected the one that separated the Hossheads from the regular fans was the last question. Winners will be announced Monday. I'll post the winners on the latest news entry late Monday. In the meantime you can still have a chance to win if you order something before midnight tonight. And the really big news, I have finalized artwork for a necklace, dog tag, shot glass and guess what..... a belt buckle. These will be made in the USA and are awesome. I'll post the artwork next week and begin taking pre-orders shortly thereafter.

Have a great week!



Here's your chance to own your own advance copy of the Waylon 4 CD boxed set due out in stores on September 26th. Thanks to our friend Rob at Sony/BMG I have 3 advance copies that I can give away! So, I decided to have a little trivia contest for 2 of them and raffle off the 3rd set. If you made a purchase from September 1st through September 15th you will be automatically entered into the drawing for 1 of the sets. If you send in a set of answers (right or wrong) to this contest you will also be entered into the drawing. The other 2 will be given away to the person who can answer the following trivia questions. In the event that more than 2 people get all the answers right, I will put names in a waylon hat and pull the winner of the cd set. The others will get a piece of waylon merchandise from the waylon.com store of my choosing. Send the answers to these questions VIA SNAIL MAIL only to Waylon.com Trivia Contest po box 518 New Market, MD 21774. They must be received by September 15th so send them on!!!
1 - Name 3 nicknames for Waylon
2 - What type of guitar did Waylon play
3 - Name 2 of Waylon's steel guitar players
4 - What cd did Waylon sing "Women from Memphis Hate Steel Guitars"
5 - What is your favorite Waylon quote
6 - What 1966 movie did Waylon sing and star in
7 - What alias did Waylon use when he checked into hotels

If anyone can guess #7 they will have the inside track. Make sure you include your name, address, email and phone number on the entry and please write legibly. Good Luck!!!

Also, I will begin to take pre-orders for the boxed set tomorrow and will ship them out on the 26th as soon as I get them in hand.

Spread the word because this boxed set is AWESOME!!




Waylon Jennings was inducted into the Rock Walk of Fame with the help of who else.. Jessi Colter. He and fellow Highwaymen Kris Kristofferson were inducted in early July. Here is a quote from the rockwalk website.

"GRAMMY winner Waylon Jennings personified the outlaw country movement of the '70s. His rough-edged vocals, aggressive guitar style and maverick image helped define hardcore country. His first Top 40 country hit came in 1965 with "Stop the World (And Let Me Off)." This led to a string of hits, including "Walk On Out of My Mind" and "Yours Love" in 1968. Jennings continued his success through the '70s with "I'm A Ramblin' Man" and "Theme from 'The Dukes of Hazzard' (Good Ol' Boys)." Jennings was inducted to the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2001 and passed away on February 13, 2002."

Check out www.rockwalk.com for more info.

I spoke with Jessi today. She's been busy in Arizona this month, taking care of her home and herself. She was very excited about the show she did with Shooter in early July and was thrilled that friends from the Arizona Music Hall of Fame videoed the entire performance for their archives and for Jessi's personal use. Now, before you get too excited and send me a million emails....this was not recorded for commercial use. The good news is, it was recorded for posterity and the future.

Waylon's boxed set is coming out soon, Jessi is proofing the 6 or more pages of liner notes that Waylon's biographer and superstar guitarist Lenny Kaye wrote for the project. My buddy Rob from the record label emailed me the artwork which I will post in the photo gallery after I send this email. Rob is a genuine Waylon fan and has done an awesome job with this project. It's going to be a must have. Just look at the artwork.

Jessi will be in San Antonio at the Alamo for a photo shoot for Vanity Fair this week. So, if you're near the Alamo on Wednesday or Thursday......... say hello. After that she's planning on taking a fly fishing lesson and making some pottery while she's there. It sounded like Jessi was doing well and trying to beat the heat in her own creative and special way.

You could hear her Momma's pride when we talked about Shooter. Shooter's touring with Lynyrd Skynyrd this summer and his video has been in the top 10 on CMT for a few weeks now. I'm telling you the next year, Shooter is gonna make his break out in a big way. And Waylon Army, there is a project in the works that will ASTOUND. I'll give more info on it when I can but wow.

waylon.com is having a big summer sale. Shop early, shop often - this sale will last as long as the heat wave holds out. Check out a lot of Waylon's older materiel which we now carry.

You may have noticed some performance photo galleries I'm adding as folks who've seen Shooter send me CD's of the photos they took. If you have some great photos of Waylon back in the day and can get them on a disc at as high a resolution as you are capable of, send them to me so I can post them. Make sure you include your contact info so I can name the gallery after you. I truly believe that what will make waylon.com the coolest website is the Waylon Army. I've seen the tip of the iceberg at the concerts back in the 90's when many of you brought your own photo albums and scrap books for me to see. They were unbelievable and I think it would great to share those resources with like minded fans.

Enough for now, The Waylon Army is now quickly approaching 7000. I think with a little luck we'll get to 10000 by the end of the year. When we reach that, why don't we all march on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland to ask why Waylon Jennings isn't in there. Just a thought.




Big news. If you can make it you need to get to Arizona on July 1st. In a rare concert, Jessi and Shooter will be performing at the Opera House at the Carefree Resort & Villas in Carefree, Arizona. You can purchase your tickets through Ticketmaster at 480-784-4444 or at www.ticketmaster.com. There is an outdoor barbecue from 7 to 9pm and the Shooter and Jessi start at 9pm that night. The venue is at 37220 Mule Train Road in Carefree, Arizona and I can't stress to you enough how rare this concert is. The wife and son of Waylon one night for one show. Hopefully it will happen more often but there are no guarantees in life. There are alot of items that are now back in stock at waylon.com and I am working on some exciting new items. The camo t's are in and will be posted on Sunday. They come in a baby t and a regular vintage cut t. When ordering these, please pick a size 1 size larger than you normally order (unless you like them to fit you snug). These are official Waylon army shirts. They are camo with WAYLON on the front and his world famous waylon wing on the back. Lots of news to come regarding rare video footage that I am now transferring to dvd!!! Stay Tuned! Also check out the playbill for the show on the photo gallery at waylon.com.

waylon rules!!

Latest news for May 10, 2006

Hey Hoss Army!!! Coming soon, a Waylon Army Camo Shirt. This will debut at the Duke Fest in Nashville Tennessee the first weekend of June. Come see me cause I'll be there.

Shooter's CD debuted at #12 on the Billboard charts with nearly ZERO radio airplay. Both of his releases are now in the top 75 of the charts along with 1 of Waylon's. Shooter will be opening for Alice in Chains this summer (that's for all you metal heads out there) and he'll be touring like crazy all summer with Dierks Bentley and many others. Jessi has decided to do a few dates. Maybe even some with Kris Kristofferson. Jessi has not been confirmed for Duke Fest yet, but I am planning on taking alot of her merchandise down there.... which means she will most likely be there.

Waylon's Cowboys, Sisters, Rascals and Dirt will soon be re-released. So will the soundtrack to the Nashville Rebel (at long last). Also, I'm working with my new buddy Frank to manufacture custom motorcycle tail lights and turn signals and mirrors in the shape of the waylon wing. Now that will be cool.

To celebrate Mother's Day and all that is happening with Waylon nearly every shirt at waylon.com is on sale through Sunday only. Plus we have released only about 2 dozen of each design to put on sale. Once they are gone they will not be available at that price. So things could run out before Sunday. The best deal is the Nashville Rebel DVD and the Ol Waylon Sings Ol Hank. Also, check out the Shooter T. It's a steal.


Waylon Rules!!!

See you at Duke Fest and make sure you wear your Waylon stuff.



Shooter's CD and new t-shirt is now available at waylon.com. I also added some new waylon baby t's, a few unique limited edition items and a Texas Orange color Script T. Shooter's cd is awesome and check back next week on waylon.com for Browneyed Handsome Man Heartaches by the Numbers The Eagle Waylon and Jessi Too Dumb For NYC, Too Ugly For LA and 2 compilation cds.

AT LAST~!!!!! more music



Howdy Waylon Army!

I have a lot of a little news. Jessi was a SXSW (South by South West) which is a big, hip, new, music convention which is held in Austin every year. Her presence must have paid off as her album debuted in the Billboard charts at #61. And guess what, her son Shooter is at #63. Now, here is the really interesting part -- last week Shooter was at #64 and guess who was a re-entry into the charts at #62 ---- his Dad with "16 Biggest Hits". Now, why is it that I, a lowly webmaster, t-shirt selling, wanting to love country music idiot is the only one in the entire world that realizes if RCA did one small push (put a little effort) into selling Waylon's music that for the first time in THE HISTORY OF SHOW BUSINESS a mother, a father and a son of a gun named Shooter would be the very first FAMILY to chart on Billboard at the same time!!!! Now, let me repeat that..... Jessi (the mom), Waylon (the dad) and Shooter (the son) all on the Billboard charts at the same time. WOW. Tell everyone you know. Mobilize the Waylon Army. Email CMT. Email RCA. Email Shout Records. Email Billboard. Email Universal South Records. Email somebody so that I don't drive my wife and kids crazy with this fact.

(insert deep breath here) OK, please visit www.jessicolter.com. Our buddy, Brian does a great job with www.thehighwaymen.net and he has now started a tribute site to Jessi. This is a great site that fills a huge void in information about Jessi. I do my best to keep in contact with her these days, but she is a busy, busy bee right now. Hopefully, I'll have more info on her touring plans soon. She's supposed to call me back this weekend. Greater news regarding Jessi -- waylon.com now has a Jessi hoodie and a Jessi baby T and I have the new Jessi CD finally! To get the Jessi cd read on to the last paragraph.

On the Shooter front. I now have the Shooter "Electric Rodeo" t-shirt and the "Electric Rodeo" cd. These are not available for sale until April 4th. However, if you were to send me a handwritten note that said you wanted a black t-shirt with the Electric Rodeo album cover on the front and Shooter Jennings in Red on the back with Electric Rodeo in white on the back with Waylon's logo in Blue on the back and that note said you wanted any size from Small to XXLarge then I would probably be able to get you one in the mail asap and you'd have it quick. The t-shirt cost for the mail offer will be $22 per shirt and the cd will be $18 per cd. Please specify shirt size and shipping address and make sure it's US Funds to....
Waylon.com PO Box 518, New Market, MD 21774. These prices INCLUDE shipping. When they go online, you need to add shipping cost.

This weekend waylon.com will add a waylon script logo in sparkly screenprint on a baby t which is awesome. Also, I finally tracked down 6, count them 6 waylon classics that will soon be added to the music section. Plus, we now have the highest quality vinyl stickers for your automobile or front picture window.

Last, but not least -- If you are in Nashville waylon.com now has an official headquarters on 2nd Avenue right next to the Wildhorse Saloon in a store called "Outonawhim". Donna is the shopkeeper and HUUUUUGE Waylon fan. She is dedicating a large portion of her shop to Waylon, Jessi and hopefully Shooter soon. Stop in and see her if you are in Music City. And, go see Darla (who is kin to Waylon) at the Waymore Beer Store in Littlefield, Texas. She is the official Waylon Jennings headquarters in Waylon's hometown. I hope to have photos of both stores in the photo gallery by the end of the week.

Sorry this is so long but wow, what a month for Waylon GD Jennings. WGJ Productions to you and me.

Special thanks to Jeff for all his help this month and to Ruth for keeping an eagle eye out.



ps-- thanks for all the letters of condolences regarding Waylon's mom. I will be speaking with Tommy, Waylon's brother this weekend and will pass along all of your heart felt comments.


It is with sorrow that I send this email. Lorene Jennings, Waylon's mother has passed away. Please keep the Jennings family in your thoughts and prayers. According to Polly, the funeral will be held tomorrow in Littlefield at 2 pm.



Hey Waylonites (5075 and growing),

I figure by the end of the year we will be 10000 strong! Please read the press releases below regarding Shooter's appearance on Letterman coming up and most importantly your chance to vote for Shooter so he can win a CMT award. You need to vote by March 9th and I truly believe that with your help we can Shoot Shooter to the top. Did you ever wonder why the Statler Brothers used to win TNN/Music City Awards all the time back in the late 80's? It's because they had a mailing list of 25000 people who they could motivate to vote for them. Let's do the same thing for Shooter. #1 do it for Waylon, #2 do it thumb your nose at the Nashville Music Industry, #3 it will drive Hank III crazy. The first release is directly from Shooters drummer who emailed me about their tv appearance. Also, believe it or not "Ring of Fire" is a new Broadway play that is well worth seeing if you can get to New York. It's getting great reviews and it sounds like it's better than the "Walk the Line" movie, mainly because it has lots more music in it.

Jessi's shows at the Viper Room in LA were packed and lively. Also she performed the night before in Arizona and it too was packed. Actor Matthew McConaughey (native Texan) showed up and got his photo taken with Jessi. He's been a huge Waylon fan and Jessi fan since way before it was cool. He is cool. I've heard many interviews with him and when asked about what kind of music he likes, he ALWAYS mentions Waylon's name. I'm hoping to have Jessi's cd available on waylon.com in about a week.

Also, there is a new product section on waylon.com called "Outlaws & Rogues." It features the Austin City Limits performances on cd and dvd of Tony Joe White, Merle Haggard, Steve Earle and Johnny Cash. I'm hoping to expand this section with hard to find modern day outlaw merchandise. I can't tell you how many emails I get requesting Tony Joe merch (since Waylon and Tony were co-writers and friends).

Thanks for keeping Waylon's memory alive, well and relevant!!! I truly believe it is our mission to do so.




Great News!! The Waylon DVD and audio cd will be available to order tomorrow - March 1st in the afternoon and will be in the waylon.com shipping department on Monday to ship out!!!!!. It's the best of his Austin City Limits performances as I understand it. I'm working on the listing, pricing and info right now and will have all the info up March 1st.

More Waylon, more waylon, more waylon!!!



Hey Waylon Army you are now 5000 strong!! Jessi and Shooter are getting great press for their new cd's... neither of which I have yet, but both are on order. Jessi's show at the Viper room in LA was awesome, I'm trying to find out if she's planning on touring or not. I have ordered 100 copies of the new Waylon DVD of his Austin City Limits performance. That will be on sale as soon as I get them in. I'm also working with the producer of the documentary "My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys" to get that hour long television special released on dvd. We are working on music clearances right now. Stay tuned for that. I will of course email you as soon as it becomes available. Check out ebay seller 'itzbruce' he has a limited edition print up for sale on ebay and he will soon be listing some vintage backstage passes and other unique items in March. The last Waylon Fender telecaster that was offered for sale on ebay sold for $5500!! This was one of the regular tribute tele's and was the only one I've ever known to be autographed on the pickguard. A friend told me Miranda Lambert has been wearing her Waylon t-shirt on some shows recently. If anyone out there sees a photo of that or could get me one, I'd love to post it on the website.

Make sure you check out the limited edition section of waylon.com regularly as I have sold about 6 autographed items in the past month. I will not list those all the time but will occasionally do so.

Sorry, if we are not answering emails as regularly this weekend. I am actually in Colorado right now and will answer all your emails and phone calls starting on Wednesday. Pray that I don't break my leg out here.



Jessi's cd will be released the 3rd week of February. Check waylon.com first. As soon as I get them I'll put them up for sale. I heard the track "You Can Pick 'Em" on Sirius Satellite radio. It was funky, country and awesome. This one is a must have. Jessi has been doing alot of national press this past week and today actually. We need to really support this effort for her. I suggest sending emails to CMT, your local radio station and any other country sites you can think of requesting music from this cd. It's amazing the power of the internet. We just added Jessi hooded sweatshirts. They are black and are for guys and girls. All sizes available from Small to XXL. We have a limited number of these so order them in a hurry. Also, a great place to find out the latest info on Waylon and family is on waylon.com in the online forum that I call 'Waylon's World'. The members, and especially Waymore-Stuff and Raoel43 and mslindac and others, trade info they've found online, in magazines, on television and from goodness knows where. I find myself checking the forum for new news. Thanks to all the regulars for making it an awesome addition to the website.

Waylon.com now carries Tommy Jennings CD tribute to Waylon. This is an awesome addition to any Waylon collection. It features early and rare Waylon vocals and guitar playing. Plus, the liner notes and photos are worth the cost. It's neat to hear some of Waylon's mannerisms and stylings that only a brother could pull off. Tommy is a GREAT guy as well so add this to your collection.

Shooter will be touring with Dierks Bentley this summer. Last year Toby, this year Dierks. I'm going to predict this year Shooter will break into the top 10 on the country charts and be nominated for the Horizon Award or Star of Tomorrow. You heard it here first. Watch for an exclusive Shooter photo that I took backstage last year on waylon.com. I'm going to make every effort to stock his new cd which will be released in March.

Lastly, I commissioned an artist by the name of Mick Williams to do a watercolor of Waylon. You can view the first painting he did for me on the 'limited edition' section of the online store. This is the first original in a series. The next one will feature Waylon and Jessi. There will be proofs, originals and matted prints for sale. Some will be numbered and limited. All will be signed by Mick. In honor of Waylon's passing, a few signed proofs and an autographed biography (by Waylon) will be offered for sale.

Lastly, there are a lot and I mean a lot of items on ebay these days. The only items I can guarantee are authentic are sold by waylon.com and the ebay seller itzbruce. I have seen forged signatures out there and I have seen stickers, t-shirts, keychains, plates and coins that are all counterfeit and of poor quality. If you purchase these items, Waylon's estate is getting nothing and the jerk who produces it is getting rich. It's not right. My response when I find these has been to send them a letter. I have now obtained a high priced lawyer who will begin to pursue these people aggressively. I will also now email you the names of known counterfeiters. Lastly, if you all like the item, I will produce it myself. You may have purchased the bootleg T I sell. I have found that bootlegging the bootleggers is the most cost effective way to fight them. Please remember that waylon.com's main reason for being is to promote and enhance the music and image of Waylon Goddam Jennings. I'm hoping you will help me in this quest.

I'll stop ranting now. This is going to be an unbelievable year for Jessi, Shooter and all Waylon fans. I bet Waylon is grinning from ear to ear right about now.

waylon rules!!!

This release is from CMT

Jessi Colter will release her first country album in 20 years on Feb. 21. Titled Out of the Ashes, the project includes guest vocals by her late husband Waylon Jennings, their son Shooter Jennings and good friend Tony Joe White. Colter wrote most of the material for the album that was produced by Don Was and engineered by Ray Kennedy. She recorded the album in Nashville over the course of two years but used Waylon's vocal from a prior project. Out of the Ashes will be released on the Shout Factory label.

This info is from the Waylon's World forum on waylon.com

BTW, Jessi's OUT OF THE ASHES is due to hit the shelves on Feb 28th.

Here's a track listing and a sneak peek of the album cover!

1. His Eye Is On The Sparrow
2. You Can Pick 'Em
3. Starman
4. Phoenix Rises, The
5. Out Of The Rain - (with Waylon Jennings/Tony Joe White) 6. Velvet & Steel 7. Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 8. You Took Me By Surprise 9. So Many Things 10. Canyon, The 11. Never Got Over You 12. Please Carry Me Home - (with Shooter Jennings)


Happy Holidays Hoss Heads!! Just a quick note to remind you to make it a very Waylon Christmas you need to order before December 15th to ensure delivery. December 1st I'll be adding some truly vintage items in very limited amounts. I have a few decks of waylon playing cards from the old days, several extremely rare white/blue hat pins that the factory sent me after 20 years and some acrylic key chains just to name a few. I also came across a few cds in very limited quantities. Give me until late afternoon on Thursday, December 1st to have all these things listed. The Orange Dukes 01 T shirt is now available in kids sizes and don't forget the waylon's world t-shirt that's going like crazy.

I hope you've had a moment to check out the 'waylon's world' chat board. There are alot of great Waylon stories out there and hopefully some like minded fans who can find each other online. I got a great suggestion from an email that I'm trying to put into effect..... a classified section for people who want to trade waylon memorabilia. I'm attempting to value older items, but alot of times people might be looking for a particular item that someone else may have an extra of. I think it would be a good thing if we could keep it to a trading situation. I always suggest if anyone wants to sell anything that they try to sell it on ebay and/or let me know what you're selling. I'm trying to gather things for an eventual Waylon museum of some sort. But even if I don't purchase it, I can let folks know that a cool thing is coming up for sale on ebay.

Shooter and Jessi are slowing down for the holidays so there's not a lot of news right now. I should have more news next week some time. Check out Shooter's cd on heavy rotation on CMT this month.

and remember... Waylon Rules!!!




Hey there Waylon Army! I'm writing this to let you know that waylon.com now features "Waylon's World" an interactive forum. Right now, I've chosen 3 topics. There will be more in the future as needed. So, get to waylon.com and click on the 'waylon's world' link on the menu bar to the left and away you'll go.

Shooter is in the new Johnny Cash movie coming out soon. Don't forget to go and see it, I am. I thought I'd share what many of you are writing me regarding the recent labeling of a new generation of outlaws... this quote is from Ruth in Kentucky......
My own opinion here I guess; but I sure think something about the "Outlaws__The Real Outlaws" is entirely gone astray.. Such as the shows of today display many; "either trying to prove they are, or working their (I will be nice here) butts off cause they "wanna be",,,an "Outlaw" like Waylon. Seems to me the whole point is sorely missed. The Real Outlaws never worked__to be; or try to prove---anything. They just WERE cause they were the REAL thing. Never had anything to do with the "clothes they wore"..antics or stage attitudes; or crossing over to try and win the next Grammy. The Real Outlaws were----because of WHO they were-- their musical abilities....and inward desire and LOVE of music.,And the REAL outlaw WAS---because He was ----Real Country Music. Not a "put_on" facade'; or a display of an wrangly sarcastic verbal string of ___"put it where the sun don't shine"! THE OUTLAW was REAL---no acting; you got what -----he was. All music....all done his way. All with a message, and all with conviction. The INNER man---the REAL Waylon Jennings. The Real Outlaw. The man__the music----no separation. He was right...they took it too far!!
end quote.

She's not alone. Anyway, that's one of the topics on the forum that you can weigh in on. I started carrying a Johnny Cash CD and a Willie Nelson CD for people who don't have access to better record stores. They are the "16 Big Hits" cds. It's a great collection of music for any artist. Due to all the hype on the Outlaw movement, the Outlaw T-shirt is on sale right now. And I'm going to post a new shirt tonight that we designed especially for the Hoss Army....It's called "Waylon's World" Check it out late tonight.

If you're interested I found a Christmas CD with 1 Waylon song on it. It's a Norman Rockwell Country Christmas CD. I'll have that listed on Monday. These will be very limited quantities as I didn't buy alot of them since Waylon only has 1 song on it.

Word on the street is that Jessi will have a new album in March FINALLY! I'm trying to reach her to confirm all the details. If it's out, waylon.com will have it. Shooter's putting the final touches on his new album which will be out in March. He just shot his next video in California, Jessi went to see it and said it was a lot of fun.




Hey Waylon Army!

Jessi and Shooter will be singing "Jackson" on the CBS show detailed below. Here is the link for Shooter's new show. It gives a schedule of when it will air. There is a description of that as well. Another new shirt coming in a week. The "What Would Waylon Do" t-shirt is selling like crazy. The next shirt will be "Waylon's World" and will be designed after the Wayne's World t-shirt from the Wayne's World movies and SNL sketches. I'm just going to pass along alot of show info in the email. Keep Waylon's memory alive and if you have any great ideas for shirts etc, email them to me. Yes, I'm already working on a belt buckle and a necklace. I'm sorry those items are taking so long but I'm waiting to get them right. Anything we sell, I would want Waylon to be proud of. By the way, did you know that Shooter and Waylon have been on the Billboard charts together for 40 weeks. Waylon has 2 cds on the top 100 country charts (and they've been there for more than a year) "16 Biggest Hits" and "The Essential Waylon Jennings".



Stars Sign On For Johnny Cash Special
By Jonathan Cohen, N.Y.
U2, Foo Fighters, Norah Jones and Jerry Lee Lewis are among the luminaries set to perform at "I Walk the Line: A Night for Johnny Cash." The CBS special will air Nov. 16, two days before of the Cash biopic "Walk the Line," starring Joaquin Phoenix as the legendary musician.

Among the other acts set to put their own stamp on Cash's songs are Sheryl Crow, Alison Krauss, Kris Kristofferson, Dwight Yoakam, Martina McBride and Brad Paisley, as well as Shooter Jennings, who portrays his late father, Waylon, in "Walk the Line."

Although no artists have yet been associated with the songs, show producers promise performances of "I Walk the Line," "Sunday Morning Coming Down," "I Still Miss Someone," "Folsom Prison Blues" and "Home of the Blues" will be performed.

Phoenix, Reese Witherspoon (who portrays June Carter Cash) and Dennis Quaid will introduce the performances. The special will also feature clips from "Walk the Line" and video highlights from Cash's storied career.

As previously reported, the film soundtrack is due Nov. 15 via Wind-Up and includes singing from Phoenix and Witherspoon, plus tracks by Jennings, Johnathan Rice, Waylon Payne and Tyler Hilton.


Shooter Jennings and Cowboy Jack Clement are the latest recording artists to join the lineup of DJs at Sirius Satellite Radio. Both will appear on the subscription service's Outlaw Country 36 channel, created by E Street Band guitarist "Little Steven" Van Zandt, who says the musicians "represent what the station is all about - the coolest legends and the coolest new artists, side by side like God intended."

"The Cowboy Jack Clement Show" will be the veteran performer's outlet for four hours each Saturday at 2 p.m. ET (rebroadcast Sundays at 6 p.m. ET) beginning this weekend (April 30). He is the subject of the documentary "Shakespeare Was a Big George Jones Fan: Cowboy Jack's Clement's Home Movies," which had its North American premiere last weekend at New York's Tribeca Film Festival.

"Shooter Jennings' Electric Rodeo" will be a two-hour show scheduled for 6 p.m. ET on Saturdays and will also make its debut on Saturday. No stranger to "outlaw country," the son of Waylon Jennings and Jessi Colter released his debut Universal South album last month. "Put the O Back in Country" bowed at No. 29 on Billboard's Top Country Albums chart and reached No. 11 on the Top Heatseekers tally.

-- Barry A. Jeckell, N.Y.


IN THE cmt special "SHOOTER" PREMIERING OCTOBER 29 NASHVILLE - October 25, 2005 - As the son of an outlaw legend, Shooter Jennings emerges as more than a mere country legacy, but as a country-rocker with a no holds barred attitude.  CMT cameras follow Waylon's infamous offspring for an intimate look at life as a performer and all-around badass in the new CMT pilot SHOOTER premiering on Saturday, Oct. 29 at 10:00-10:30 PM (ET/PT).
The only child of Waylon Jennings and Jessi Colter, Shooter Jennings lived his first few years in a crib on his parents' tour bus. By age 5, he was playing drums and since he picked up a guitar at 14, he has yet to put it down.  Finding a classic mix between rock and country, Shooter released his first major album debut on Universal South, Put the O Back in Country, in 2005 which has sold over 250,000 albums.  During this time, cameras follow Jennings as he tours, makes visits to his label and finds a place in both Hollywood and the music industry.


Hey Waylon Army,

Lots of news this month. Jessi is visiting Shooter this week for his video shoot outside of LA. No word on which song will be the next video/single. Shooter's touring has paid off, his band sounds great and you can tell they do this for a living. I'm hoping to check him out in Baltimore this month. Many of you wrote in about the shirt he was wearing on the CMT show "Greatest Duets." It said "What Would Waylon Do?" It's now available. It's a midnight navy blue 100% pre-shrunk t shirt with a white/silver screenprint on the front only. It will be online at waylon.com by Wednesday of next week. You can order it right now and save a few bucks and get free shipping. The cost for the email folks is $23 for sizes Small thru XLarge and $25 for XXLarge. Those costs include shipping. That will save you about 25% off the website price. Make the check out to Evolutionary Man and send it to our PO Box 518 New Market, MD 21774.

And now the best news, Jessi will be performing in Nashville with Waylon's band, the Waymore's Blues Band. It's a fundraiser for Diabetes. Here's the article from Billboard.com about the event.....

For the first time since Waylon Jennings' 2002 death from diabetes complications, his widow, Jessi Colter, has made plans to perform with his longtime Waymore Blues band. The show will be held Oct. 28 at the Factory in Franklin, Tenn., and will raise funds for the American Diabetes Association's annual Jean Therapy event.

Among the Waymore members confirmed to appear are Robby Turner, Richie Albright, Rance Wasson, Barney Robertson, Carter Robertson, Kevin "Swine" Grantt, Charlie Rose, Steve Herrman and Jim Horn. Slide guitarist Jack Pearson will also sit in.

Other artists on the bill for the fundraiser are John Anderson, Bonnie and Bekka Bramlett, Jon Tiven, Marty Brown and Carters Cord.


And the press release info....

Jessi Colter, Waylon's Band Unite for Jean Therapy

Funds to Benefit Diabetes Cause

Singer, songwriter and true original Jessi Colter is making a rare appearance with Waylon Jennings' Waymore Blues Band all in the name of raising funds for the American Diabetes Association. The performance is part of this year's ADA Jean Therapy event which takes place Friday, October 28, 6:00 PM, at the Factory in Franklin, Tennessee. This year's honorary event chairman is clothing designer Manuel.

In it's fifth year, Jean Therapy honors the memory of songwriter John Jarrard who, before his passing from complications of the disease, wrote hits for artists like George Strait, Alabama and John Anderson and worked tirelessly to raise funding and awareness for the ADA.

Waylon Jennings died from complications of diabetes in 2002 and this is the first time Colter has appeared with Waylon's band since his memorial service at Nashville's Ryman Auditorium in March of that year. Members of the Waymore Blues Band confirmed to perform are: Robby Turner, Richie Albright, Rance Wausson, Barney Robertson, Carter Robertson, Jerry Bridges, Charlie Rose and Steve Herman.

Also on the bill is R&B/soul/rock vocalist Bonnie Bramlett whose known both for her work as half of Delaney & Bonnie as well as from several successful solo LPs. Daughter Becca Bramlett - a stand-out vocalist in her own right - will also appear.
Money raised from the Jean Therapy event supports local middle Tennessee initiatives like Camp Sugar Falls, minority outreach programs geared towards Tennessee and Kentucky, and advocacy for the 28% of TennCare enrollees who suffer from the disease.

Tickets for Jean Therapy are $125 or $250 for patron tickets and can be purchased by calling Devin Bradford at the Nashville ADA office, 615-298-3066, x3334.

This is a rare event so try to get there!

new items coming to waylon.com October 12!!


Hello there,

Well, I saw the Dukes movie with my 2 teenage daughters and my mid-70 year old Dad. My Dad and the girls laughed throughout but I should've waited for the dvd. And actually, I might have even wanted to wait for the tv version to clean up the language. The first 30 minutes was non-stop trash mouth. They could have accomplished the same thing with a little less bad language. Now, don't get me wrong, I can do my share of cussing, but that was ridiculous. Britney Spears, woops, I'm sorry, Jessica Simpson was what I expected her to be. It used to be Jessica was the good girl and Britney was the bad girl. Not anymore. In about 2 months the only difference between the 2 will be 1 has a kid and a husband and the other does not. Johnny Knoxville went to the silent movie school of acting. His repertoire is full of facial expressions and one lame accent. He might want to stick to his aptly named tv show. Burt Reynolds was alright, but too mean and not animated enough. His acting is a bit strained these days, maybe from all the cosmetic surgery. Willie was actually alright but they gave him a bit too much screen time and joke telling time. The funniest person in the whole thing was the Seann William Scott. He saved the movie for me as did the good ol General Lee. Had they made the car the star, it would have been awesome. I think they felt like they had to get their money's worth from their actors so the car had to take a back seat as it were. The very best part was the music. Shooter's Busted in Baylor County was featured as was a snippet of Waylon's version of the theme song. You can't go wrong with Stevie Ray Vaughan, Lynyrd Skynyrd and especially Southern Culture on the Skids. If you don't have any of their music, get it. I have to say I cringed when I heard Willie's version of the Good Ol Boys song. If you want to know why people don't like his music, listen to that song. Now, listen up Willie fans, I like Willie ok. But Waylon would never sing "Whiskey River". I've gone on long enough. Lastly, my friend Nick who loves the Dukes tv show and is in 4th grade went and was embarrassed by Jessica and the language. But mostly Nick said, "They were mean, the tv show isn't mean at all". That I think says it all.




Hey there,

Hope everyone is having a great summer so far. Shooter's has been great. His tour dates have increased dramatically since joining Toby Keith's summer tour. Check out Shooter.com for more info. I have decided to phase out carrying Shooter's merchandise. I'm afraid I can't depend on the merchandise supplier (his record label). I believe Maureen who runs Shooter's online merch is having similar difficulties. Hopefully, she can get it straightened out. I have given up. That means the Shooter merchandise will appear sporadically on waylon.com. Sorry. I will continue to carry his music as I am able to purchase that through a distribution company.

Well, the Dukes movie opens this weekend and I'm hoping to get to see it. There's a whole lot of hype going on right now both positive and negative. From the looks of things, I don't think it will resemble the series at all. Whether that's good or bad, we'll have to see.

I was watching a rerun on CMT of the Willie Nelson 60 Minutes program. Ed Bradley interviewed Willie and can I tell you something.... Waylon was not mentioned or pictured once in the entire 60 minutes. I don't believe any hour long in depth story on Willie of any quality could possible not mention Waylon GD Jennings. I know any bio of Waylon would include Willie for some odd reason. I bring this up because a lot of people ask about Willie and Waylon's friendship. Let me put it this way for now... If you ever had a friend in the old days who was fun to be around and to party with and was very charming, then you know what Willie was like. If that friend of yours was not necessarily there when the chips were down, or might not have always made the smartest business decisions because he was too much of a party man, then you might know what Willie was like. Willie Nelson is one of the all time great story tellers, songwriters and personable people you'll ever meet. He is not and never has been a savvy businessman. Waylon Jennings was one of the all time great story tellers, songwriter and personable people you'll ever meet. He was also one of the smartest, steadfast, loyal businessmen who ever lived. Waylon Jennings singlehandedly without anyone else's balls, changed the entire country music industry. He did it, because it was the right thing to do and he felt like he had no choice. Willie Nelson enjoys making music with his friends.



I almost forgot to tell you, there's a cool new bootleg t-shirt available online and I'm adding a new coolie this week as well as 2 cookbooks with Waylon recipes. Sorry for venting and ranting.


Happy 4th of July Waylon Army!

I have been approached by a photography company whose client is gamemaker Hasbro. Hasbro is putting together a game called "Shout About Country Music" and they want to use Waylon's image on the front. I'm playing phone tag with them right now, but when I finally talk with them I'll find out more about the game. According to their message at least 4 or 5 songs of Waylon's will be included in the game.

CMT continues to rerun the Outlaw Countdown which names Waylon as the #1 outlaw of all time. I'm so glad that CMT is short on original programming... they rerun that thing over and over. It is a great show.

Jessi will be performing in Ft. Worth at Willie's picnic. Go check her out, she's doing a great show and hopefully with some crowd encouragement she'll plan a full blown summer tour.

Check out the 'outlaw connection' section of waylon.com. I'll be adding to it as we go, there are about 4 more sites that I need to get up there like Billy Joe Shaver's site and a few others.

So I'm watching CMT Crossroads with John Fogerty and Keith Urban and an ad for Shooter's cd comes on that says it's available at Target stores across the country. That's great news for Shooter. It shows that the record label is getting true mass distribution and spending money on promoting the cd. Now about Keith Urban. I am not a fan of today's country music in general, but.... Keith Urban can play the guitar and he can rock! I had no idea. It is easy today with technology in the recording studio to make anyone sound great and it's easy to make people look great with the fleet of stylists record labels have in their stable. The true test is listening to a guy or girl sit down with a guitar and sing. Keith did it with John on that show. There was a section of the show when Keith and John were sitting on a couch, singing and playing together. Man, the guy blew me away. It's a shame really that they only play his bubble gum, girl friendly hits on the radio.

PLUS, Jessi took a few of her relatives to a Keith show a while back and he got word she was there and wanted to meet her. Jessi said they were all waiting in the hotel lobby and Keith came out of the elevator singing "I'm Not Lisa" at the top of his lungs. I never though I'd say this but I think I'm a Keith Urban fan.

The Keith Urban Crossroads was in glaring contrast to the Brad Paisley John Mayer special. John outplayed and out-sang Brad (who appears to be a nice guy). John took Brad to school. On the Keith Urban and John Fogerty special it seemed to be two equals sharing stories and licks. They enhanced each other songs with feeling and talent. That's rare in country music today don't you think.

Enough ranting.

Lastly, I'm taking pre-orders on a wool/leather Waylon jacket similar to the one shown on the "Cowboy, Sisters, Rascals and Dirt" cd. It's the official crew jacket we had in the 90's. The cost is going to be $235 per jacket and sizes Small through XXL. Bigger sizes are available and by special order or pre-order only. The cost on 3 X and 4 X is $255. By pre-ordering I can guarantee your sizes and it will ship as soon as they come in -- probably late July. Make sure you include a phone number and email address so I can contact you with details. Any questions call us.

Our shipping department will be closed for the 4th of July holiday so if you order after Friday June 30, your order will ship on Monday July 11. Sorry for any inconvenience. You can still order and your order will be processed as usual. There will just be a delay because of the holiday.




June 15 marked Waylon's birthday and waylon.com received alot of well wishes that day to forward to Jessi and Shooter. All your thoughts and comments were greatly appreciated. The Dukefest was a great success. There were easily 30000 people there and a few of them came by to see me and mention that they visit waylon.com regularly. Thanks for saying hello.

Shooter began his summer tour with Toby Keith and rocked the Duke Fest when he performed on Sunday. Jessi performed in the state of Washington on 2 dates and received standing ovations from the sellout crowds. Hopefully, it was encouraging enough for her to do a full blown tour soon. Alot of Waylon's old band backed her up which means it was awesome!

Just pick up any magazine about country music and Shooter's name is starting to appear. As his single and album begin to fall on the country charts guess what's happening to the album on the popular music chart? It's going up. He broke into the charts which cover all types of music (not just one variety). I would say that country music didn't know what to do with Waylon when he came into town and it's plain to see that same thing will happen to Shooter. THANK THE LORD! The worst thing that could happen to him is to be seen as just another country singer. Shooter is gonna be bigger than country music.

Look for new coolies this week. I just reordered the black ones and had them produce some red ones in a limited quantity. I have 3 new t-shirt designs in production and as you can tell by the website the flag shirt and the Willie and Waylon are very, very close to being officially retired.

To celebrate Waylon's Bday here is a 10% off savings code to use when you order -- type in -- WAYMORE. That's WAYMORE in all capital letters. The computer should do the math for you.

Thanks and hope you're summer is getting off to a good start.




Happy Birthday today to Shooter!!! At the end of this email you will find the latest itinerary for Shooter. Make sure you check him out if you can. We are now out of XXL red Shooter t's and I don't know if we'll get anymore in. I believe once the red shirts are gone, they are gone. Getting items from their merchandise people is a bit of a challenge. The good news is we now sell his baseball style t and it's on sale. This is a classy looking shirt with high quality screen-printing on the front 'Shooter Jennings' and Waylon's flying W logo on the back. The back is printed small (about 4 inches wide) and is high up on the back between the shoulders. Once again, I'm not sure if we'll be able to reorder these.

Look for the Outlaw Connection and information on retired Waylon merchandise coming the first week of June. I'll be concentrating on the website after I get back from Duke Fest.

Has anyone else felt like throwing up every time they watch the country awards shows? Can anyone in country music sing? Tim McGraw can't, Faith Hill can barely carry a tune, Big and Rich are Weak and Off Key. I used to work for TNN before I went to work for Waylon and at least back then we had people representing country music who could sing outside of a studio. Today that's few and far between. It's no wonder Waylon never went to awards shows and didn't think much of them.

A special thanks to Howard from Las Vegas who keeps me honest with waylon info. I'm going to make some corrections to the about waylon page soon, thanks to Howard. I will also be expanding the information.

A lot of questions come in about the Waylon guitar and especially the Waylon limited edition Fender telecaster. There will be a guitar section in June which will address many of your questions. For now, thanks to Jim from out in California here is what I know (thanks to Jim) about the current value of that limited edition guitar....

"I have watched these Fender Custom Shop guitars show up on ebay, and if they sell, it is in the $2K range. Personally, I think that is a relative bargain -- if you have the money. I mentioned on of them was recently listed and was of the WJ serial number vintage ... and it did not garner a single bid for its asking price of under $2K. There are 2 listed now. One is in the UK, and is about $2K ... and has never been played. The other is listed for $10K ... and has nothing special about it. Now, that seems steep!!"

There were 2 series produced.... the WJ series which were artist proofs and the serial number begins with WJ. And the consumer series which has their own sets of serial numbers. It is my goal to list a registry of the owners of these guitars. So if you have one please email me your name and contact info so I can get your serial number, how much you paid for it etc. This way I can put a better value on them and maybe even increase their value once you see who owns them.

Enough for now, I hope this is of interest to everyone. Sorry if it's not, the next email later this month will have a link for another special offer.

Happy Memorial Day!!




Waylon Army!!

I wanted to let you know about official merchandise being offered on ebay. I have 1 and only 1 official seller on ebay and his screen name is itzbruce. You can guarantee that anything he sells comes directly from me and Waylon Jennings' estate. I can guarantee that he will provide you with the same excellent service and quality that waylon.com does. Those of you who have been on the email list for some time know all of this already. It's worth an ebay search by seller every now and then to see all the items he has listed. Often times you can get a good deal on official merchandise that is regularly available on waylon.com but the real deal is on the one of a kind stuff.

Check out the current issue of People Magazine. It's the one with the Runaway Bride on the cover. There is a great short article on Shooter in it.

More info to come soon.





Hey there Waylon Army!!

Country Weekly has a three page feature on Shooter in the new issue (Toby on the cover, dated May 23). It's a great piece and really portrays him perfectly. He is also mentioned in Stephen King's (yes, that is Stephen King) music column in the current issue of Entertainment Weekly. Apparently Stephen really likes "Manifesto No. 1"

"CMT Insider" will do a piece on Shooter's "Electric Rodeo" show on Sirius Satellite radio that will air this weekend (it will run a lot over the weekend and all through out next week. Check the CMT website for times. And Dwayne 'Chunko' Hall told me that Shooter's show airs every Saturday night from 6:00 to 8:00 on Sirius Radio. Dwayne was the production manager and towel boy for the last 12 or so years on the road with Waylon. He's gainfully employed at a sound company in Michigan. I'm putting together a 'where are they now' section for the website as we speak. It will have updates on Richie Albright, Dwayne Hall, Reggie Young, Gordon Payne, Jerry 'Jigger' Bridges and many others. Right now I'm calling it the 'Outlaw Connection.'

Shooter will also be participating in CMT's "100 Greatest Duets" special and concert, where we believe he will be performing "Mamma Don't Let Your Babies Be Cowboys" with Montgomery Gentry. I will let you know when it is confirmed.

Waiting for the People Magazine story to be rescheduled. Details to com

Shooter will attend the Kentucky Derby this weekend, carrying on a family tradition that started long ago. The Kentucky Derby and Waylon have been intertwined for many, many years. I'm tracking down some stories from Jessi to share with you soon.

Check out several new items on waylon.com and hopefully we'll see you at the Duke Fest on the first weekend in June!!




Howdy Waylon Army!

Hope everyone saw the CMT awards show live or the 2nd time CMT ran it or the 3rd time CMT ran it or the 4th time CMT ran it........ Shooter and his girlfriend Drea presented an award. If anyone saw it, they may be one of the many people who have been commenting on chat boards about it. Most people thought it was odd, in bad taster, weird or whatever. If you missed it, Drea turned and kissed a surprised Shooter right on the kisser. Shooter looked a bit surprised and I think he may have even wiped the kiss off before he knew what he was doing. Anyway, for those who saw it, I know the real deal. You might have noticed Drea's cool leather jean jacket with Shooter Jennings on the back and the waylon wing on the front. She had is specially made and it was a surprise for Shooter. It came in at the last minute to the hotel and Drea was very excited because she did not think it would make it for the awards show. Soooo, she was trying to figure out a way to get the back of the jacket on the broadcast. When she kissed him, she turned her back completely to the camera and viola!!! You could see the back with SHOOTER JENNINGS written right across it. The kiss fit in with the cheeseball script that CMT had written for the 2. Anyway, now you know the rest of the story.

So, the Duke Fest is coming up and I'll be there with lots of Waylon stuff. Shooter will perform on Sunday. Keep checking cootersplace.com for more info. I will not be selling any Dukes shirts or hats there and I won't be selling Shooter merchandise either. So, for the next few days, all those items are on sale at waylon.com. Get them now.

More info coming soon.




Shooter press update:

Shooter will be performing on "The Late, Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson" on Thursday, April 14th. Theoretically the show will air at 12:45 a.m. eastern time on CBS  and should air at 11:45 p.m. in the central time zone. Some of the local CBS affiliates will delay the show until even later so please check your local CBS station line-up.

People Magazine is also doing an "Introducing..." feature on Shooter.  I will let everyone know when it is scheduled to run.  A USA Weekend reporter attended Shooter's Viper Room performance and has now been assigned a feature on him, as well.  I will also let everyone know when that will run.

Shooter will be presenting an award at the CMT Music Awards on Monday night, April 11th, as well.

This blurb came through my emails from Shooter's management.......
"Shooter's CMT pilot is pretty much finished being filmed and they will start editing it next week.  It will be screened in front of test audiences and we should know by summer if it will move on to a regular series."

I have no idea what the pilot was about but I will DEFINITELY find out more.

Don't forget about Waylon and Jessi's induction into the Arizona Hall of Fame. If you go, take some photos and drop me an email to let me know how it was.

I'll be posting Jessi's touring schedule (only 2 shows so far in the state of Washington) and Shooters touring schedule.

Please check out the newly expanded photo galleries if you haven't had a chance, especially the album photo gallery which now has 88 pictures. Plus, the discography is really taking shape. We are adding about 4 or 5 each week. The info contains liner notes, photos of the front and back, and often the lyrics. Look for links to the songwriters websites if they have them.




Attention Waylon Army:

We just received this e-mail from the folks at the Arizona Music Hall of Fame. It outta save you some bucks if you are headed to the ceremony.

Hotel San Carlos will be the official hotel for the Hall of Fame this year.

They are offering a special rate of $79 a night to anyone who will be in town for the Az. Music and Entertainment Hall of Fame.
They must mention they are in town for the Hall of Fame to receive the discount.

The Hotel is a mere 4 blocks from the Dodge Theatre and normally has a base rate of $153 / night !

This info may be of value to the wonderful Waylon fans who may be able to attend the ceremony.

Reservation info:

toll free: (866) 253-4121


Also - a bit of cool news. We sent a few Waylon Rules, the black Waylon guitar shirt, and the Outlaw Rewards T to Trace Adkins who will be wearing one, if not all of them, in his new video that he is shooting. I would imagine he'll be wearing them in concert as well unless members of his band and crew steal them first!

Talk to you later,



Hey Waylon Army;

Waylon and Jessi Colter are being inducted into the Arizona Music Hall of Fame Sunday, April 17th at the Dodge Theater in Phoenix, Arizona, 4:00p.m. I spoke with the folks at the Hall of Fame and they would love to see as many Waylon and Jessi fans there as possible. Tickets prices: $20/$15/$10. Get your tickets at the Dodge Theater Box Office (602)379-2888 or call Ticketmaster (480)784-4444. For more information, visit www.azmusichalloffame.com. A phone number is listed on the website.

Show your Waylon support and be sure to attend.

There is a great shot of the General Lee in mid-air that is available for sale. Right now, it's only available as a 12 by 18 (for your garage or room), but soon you'll be able to choose your size.

Shooter merchandise is going... FAST. Get yours before we run out. Hats, CDs, and T-shirts are all available for purchase. Buy Shooter's T while it's still on sale.

Evidently, Waylon's legend is growing fast in Asia. Go to http://www.worldspaceasia.com/modules.php? name=WS_Home&art=readfeature&sid=243 to enhance your Waylon trivia. It's a good article on the man.


Waylon Rules!!


Hey Waylon Army...

Great news for Shooter... He has signed on to open for Toby Keith's summer tour!

By the time you read this, a brand new Shooter section will be getting ready to launch on the waylon.com website. It will include a Shooter photo gallery, the complete discography and lyrics to his new CD, and articles and reviews that we've begun to gather.

The record label is still dragging its feet on supplying me with Shooter merchandise, but they tell me that hats are in the mail as we speak and t-shirts should be shipped out on Monday.

You may have noticed a lot of new items going up in our online store. We're working hard to get all of Waylon's available music. We already have 20 of them, including the newest ones: "Love Songs" and "16 Biggest Hits." These are new releases that probably won't be available everywhere.

Last but not least, we just got word that Waylon and Jessi are being inducted into the Arizona Music and Entertainment Hall of Fame (AMEHOF) on April 17, 2005. They're inviting all "friends, family, in-laws, and out-laws," so if you live nearby, go celebrate with them. Check out www.azmusichalloffame.org for more details. I'll be touching base with the Hall of Fame on Monday to get more info for you.

Have a great Easter!




Great news for Shooter Jennings. He's been mentioned in the latest GQ, People Magazine and Washington Post to name a few. He's averaging 3 out 4 stars when it comes to reviewing his album. They seem to respect the fact that he's trying to do things his own way rather than trying to exploit the family name. As if he'd do it any other way. I was finally able to order 90 copies of Shooters CD. It is now available on waylon.com.

Look for about a dozen new CD's to be for sale on waylon.com from Waylon's RCA/BMG catalog. The first 3 came in...."Greatest Hits", "Ultimate Waylon Jennings" and "Essential Waylon Jennings" Check out the website for song listings etc. I have a limited stock right now, but I should be able to reorder these with a phone call. I plan on carrying them as long as they are available but you know how that goes.

Lastly, this is the really big news. Shooter has signed on to open for Toby Keith on his summer tour! Toby is a true blue country renegade cut in Waylon's mold. I remember several shows when Toby opened up for Waylon. Toby was a big fan of playing football with his band and crew before the shows and he usually hung out and watched at least part of Waylon's show.

That's all for now. I'm headed to Nashville to digitally archive Waylon's photo, slide, negative collection for his estate. Look for great photos in the future (with Jessi's permission of course!)




Shooter Jennings' new video will be added to 'heavy rotation' on CMT this Thursday, February 24. The video "The Fourth of July" was shot out in California and according to Shooter it came out great. I had the chance to see Shooter in Baltimore where he and his band the 357's opened for Robert Earl Keene. I took more than 200 photos of him performing, the band and crew and backstage. Shooter was gracious, kind and worn out from travelling. They played about 9 or 10 songs from their upcoming album, "Put the O Back in Country" which will be released on March 1st. I took headshots of all the band and crew and I'll post them in a new photo gallery next week.

Check out the new and improved discography on waylon.com. I have added COMPLETE information on several albums including photos of the front, back, cd and liner notes of each release. Plus, there is a search engine for anyone looking for specific songs or lyrics. I'll add about
5 to 10 entries a month until it is completed. Next up are Jessi's first 9 albums. I don't have the lyrics up but thanks to Jim Hankin from Canada I have photos of the front and back of each album. Lyrics will soon be available.

Lastly, I'm working on getting Shooter merchandise and CD's. So if all goes well you'll be able to purchase Shooter's CD directly from waylon.com. That's a good thing for you since there is no telling how widely distributed it will be.

Keep visiting waylon.com for updates and improvements. Thanks for all the suggestions and compliments.





Hey there Waylon Army!!

Shooter Jennings will perform with Robert Earl Keene in Norfolk
Virginia at a club called The Norva.
date: Sat., Feb. 19
show time: 9:00 PM
doors open: 8:00 PM
price: $17.50
day of show: $20.00
Check out www.thenorva.com for more info on how to get there etc. It's
a strange little site that is linked closely with Ticketmaster. So
don't be surprised if you end up on the ticketmaster site. If you're
near Virginia it would be a great chance to check Shooter out. Tell
him david from waylon.com says hey. If you go, email me and tell me
what you thought OR if you happen to get any photos from there, let me
know. Shooter will also be performing at the Ram's Head in Baltimore,
MD on Feb 18. Visit www.ramsheadlive.com/baltimorelive for more info.
As of 2 days ago only about 450 tickets had been sold, so it would be a
great place to see Shooter. I'll be there taking photos galore to post
on waylon.com.

Don't forget about the Dukes of Hazzard on CMT at the end of the month.
Jessi is still busy writing and performing out in Arizona. I'll chat
with her next week. The anniversary of Waylon's death is near. It's
odd how instinctively I start playing alot of Waylon's music over and
over as that date approaches. Listening to him this time of year
brings sadness but it also brings a sense of pride that his music and
memory continue to grow. What a man. He was a musical renegade and it
made him a legend. "There's always one more way to try things
Hoss....your way."

Thanks for keeping Waylon's memory alive.



"The Dukes of Hazzard" will launch on Country Music Television (CMT) on Friday, Feb. 25th at 8pm with a 1 hour special followed by a" Dukes of Hazzard" weekend marathon. The "Dukes " will then air on CMT Monday-Friday at least twice a day. Tentatively it is scheduled for 6 pm and 10 pm EST.
Check your local listings!!! Waylon is featured as the narrator and you can see his hands and his trademark telecaster throughout the show......hence the famous last line in the Dukes of Hazzard Just a Good Ol Boy theme song...."I'm A Good Ol Boy you know my momma loved me, but she can't understand why they keep showin my hands and not my face on tv"

Shooter's photo was featured in the January 3rd, 2005 issue of "Country Weekly" magazine. Check out page 43 for a great photo. It says, "Shooter is the only son of Waylon Jennings and Jessi Colter - and he's following in the family tradition with a rebellious brand of rock-fueled outlaw country that would make his legendary daddy proud. "Somebody asked me once if it's hard living in my father's shadow," he recalls. "Hell, no -- it's great! I love my father's music. In my head, I wish I sounded like a Waylon record from 1978, but I know I sound like myself." You'll hear what Shooter sounds like when his debut CD hits stores this March."

Jessi is busy writing and rehearsing for upcoming performances. I'll have more news on her in a few days.



Happy New Year Waylon Army!!
Sorry it's been so long but as you are probably aware we have totally redesigned and revamped the waylon.com website. The best part of the new look are the photo galleries. We¹ve added 3 galleries with nearly 100 photos! Two new galleries should be up soon....one of album covers and another one of backstage passes. Special thanks to Lu Ann W. for sharing her backstage pass collection with waylon.com.

So, I spoke with Jessi yesterday and she seemed very excited about the upcoming year and felt truly blessed to have spent the holidays at her home in Arizona with her family and friends. Shooter visited and opened for David Allen Coe at the Mason Jar. Jessi said David seemed touch by her being there and by Shooter¹s talent. David asked Shooter to do several more dates with him this year.

Jessi played the Alice Cooper benefit with folks like Cheap Trick and Ted Nugent. She played "Silent Night" and "I'm Not Lisa." She also attended a benefit in Scottsdale where she was asked to sing her song "Blue Eyes" in exchange for $1000 donation to homeless children. She gladly accepted.

My favorite story was that Jessi and Shooter slipped out during the holidays and sat in at a few local honky tonks like the Rusty Spur and Handlebar J's.
They had a great time and even sipped some tequila together.

Alot of you have emailed to ask about Jessi and what's happening with her.
She sounds wonderful and she seems excited about the future, "I just feel like so much more is coming in this life and it's gonna all be through music. In my next email I¹ll have more details about her music and her future."

Don't forget, CMT is planning on running the "Dukes of Hazzard" tv series in late January or early February.

Thanks for keeping Waylon's music and memory alive. I plan on working hard to make waylon.com the center of waylon's universe. Waylon's World.


NEWS FROM 09/03/04
Country Music Rebels Rule on CMT Special

CMT GREATEST OUTLAWS: THE DIRTY DOZEN, a countdown of country's original rule breakers, is set to premiere October 29 at 8 p.m. ET. The evening continues with a CMT OUTLAWS concert special at 9 p.m. ET. The concert
special features performances by Hank Williams Jr., Kid Rock, Gretchen Wilson, Montgomery Gentry, Big & Rich, Tanya Tucker, Jessi Colter, Shooter Jennings, Metallica's James Hetfield, and Lynyrd Skynyrd's Gary Rossington,
Billy Powell and Johnny Van Zant. The concert takes place in front of the striking turn-of-the-century architecture of the former Tennessee State Prison, site of major motion pictures "The Green Mile" and "The Last

CMT GREATEST OUTLAWS: THE DIRTY DOZEN includes exclusive interviews with contemporary country artists including Toby Keith, Gretchen Wilson, Kenny Chesney, Travis Tritt, Martina McBride, Big & Rich and Steve Earle, all of whom were inspired by the Dirty Dozen. Rebels in their own right, Paul Teutul Sr. ("American Chopper") and G. Gordon Liddy also speak out.

NEWS FROM 8/9/04
This past weekend in Bristol, Tennessee Shooter Jennings rocked the crowd with his rendition of his Daddy's classic "Just A Good Ol' Boy." Shooter played several songs including a rockin' kick butt version of Hank Williams Jr's "A Country Boy Can Survive." Jessi performed as well and sounded as good as she looked --- Awesome!
I'm not sure how many people attended but it appeared to be around 10,000. It was a rare chance to see Shooter and Jessi perform together. Hopefully, it's going to be a common sight in the coming years. Shooter and Jessi flew in for the event, leaving at 11:00 the night before. Their flight was diverted to Chicago due to bad weather. They did not arrive in Bristol until 6:30 -- an 18 and a half hour trip! Boy, was it worth it to the thousands there.

Another highlight of the day were the car jumps performed by some of the best stuntmen in Hollywood or anywhere.

NEWS FROM 7/7/04
Hello Waylon's World!
I received an email from a guy who played guitar with musician and cable star, Chris Isaak. I'll let you read the rest for yourself.....

I grew up a fan of western music. When I was a baby, my dad booked a
nightclub in Kansas City, and often ended up in all night card games with
the talent; folks like Roger Miller, Tex Ritter, and Jimmie Dickens.

I moved to California, and started a rockabilly band with a guy named Chris
Isaak. Twelve years and four albums later we had our biggest success with
"Wicked Game' which was a multi platinum international hit. That's my lead
guitar you may remember on that track. I currently live in Los Angeles,
where I work as a computer consultant, and produce special music projects
for movies and television, done sessions with people ranging from Billy Idol
to Hank Jr., and I'm currently recording my spaghetti western themed solo

Last year I married the lovely Winter Rosebudd. Soon after came news that a
baby was on the way. When we first discussed names I was surprised that we
had both had the same name in mind already, if it was a boy- Waylon James.
End of discussion. Good thing it was a boy- we never did come up with a
girl's name we liked.

Baby Hoss was born December 13, last year, and is quite very possibly the
cutest damn kid there ever was. Already, at 6 months, he has developed an
unnatural fascination with his Daddy's old Stratocaster guitar. He loves to
strum it, and he's been known to do a little off-key yodeling on some old
Jimmy Rogers tunes, after he downs a full bottle...I guess that's what you
might call an old 'Family Tradition'.....

James Wilsey

Good news on the website... the Waylon.com staff has gathered about 78 pages of lyrics from Waylon's catalog that we will be posting on the site. At the same time, I have located some old song books that I will soon offer for sale via the email list. I'm trying to figure out the best way to post the songs because I know this is only the tip of the iceberg. It is my goal to make Waylon.com THE source for Waylon information.


NEWS FROM 6/21/04
Mark Chesnutt in the studio relaxing between takes with his very own Waylon Vintage T. Mark and his management team now own 1 of every black Waylon Vintage T that is available. Watch for Mark in a town near you and chances are he'll be wearing a vintage Waylon T at his concert!!

NEWS FROM 6/13/04
Hello diehard Waylon fans!

Sorry it's been so long since my last update. I found out more about Shooter Jennings record deal. Shooter was in Nashville late last week talking with Universal South. Tony Brown is the head of the label. Both parties have agreed in principal to record deal and now the lawyers get to work out the details.

The name of Shooters album (and hopefully the first single, according the Shooter) is "Put he O back in C UNTRY" Now that's a title!!! Shooter is planning on supporting the CD immediately, which means watch for him at a
venue near you. I'll work on getting his concert schedule posted on waylon.com when it becomes available.

Shooter also informed me that the title of the Johnny Cash biopic in which he plays Waylon is called "Walk the Line." It stars Jaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon.

Jessi Colter is finalizing her new record by Don Was in Los Angeles and in Atlanta. More info on Jessi in the next update.

Also, Mark Chesnutt's people emailed me a photo of Mark in the studio wearing the Waylon F'in Jennings shirt!!! I'll post that photo along with several new merchandise items later this week.

If you haven't checked it out, waylon.com now offers a few cds and the classic Waylon metal license plates (it's the merchandise special on waylon.com), the Waylon Fin Shirt, black mesh Waylon hats and more items to come.

I have attached a pdf which you can download that is a special offer to email recipients only. You guys and gals are the only ones who get this special offer. It's a close out on the Waylon & Willie shirt that was sold for a limited time at his concerts in the 90's. I made 1 more run of these for old times sake. It's high quality and it's wearable art! It's the same screenprinter, the same screens and the same 100% preshrunk T's you knew you were getting at his shows. Once these are gone, they are gone. Please make sure you list your email address when you order, because if I run out I have to contact you to send your check back.

and as always

NEWS FROM 5/3/2004
Great news tonight. I received an email from Mark Chesnutt's management team. Mark requested vintage Waylon T-shirts to wear at an upcoming photo shoot in Nashville on May 5!!!! I sent him an "Outlaw" T-shirt and a "Waylon Rules" T-shirt and a "Never Say Die" T-shirt. He will probably wear the Outlaw T at the photo shoot. The concept for the shoot was inspired by Waylon's Honky Tonk Heroes album cover. I requested that Mark send a photo of himself wearing the T-shirt to me and I will post it on Waylon.com when it arrives. Mark has recently recorded a new album that is guess what??????? An actual real life, honky tonk, drinking songs, country album. His manager tells me that in this day and age in Nashville, it was difficult to find enough true country songs for the album. I got an advanced sampling of Mark's new album and it is AWESOME!! It's a true blue country record which nowadays is nearly impossible to find.

FYI -- Mark recorded Rainy Day Woman with Waylon on his "What a Way to Live" CD. Waylon added a verse for Mark and Mark wanted to know what he could do to repay him. Waylon quipped, "Name your kid after me." So guess what Mark did? You guessed it.... there's another Waylon in the world! Regrettably, Little Waylon never had the chance to meet Big Waylon before Big Waylon passed away. Little Waylon is doing a good job of living up to his name I hear.

Mark and his people are good people. Check out his website and let them know that you appreciate the fact that he is keeping the Waylon flame alive.

NEWS FROM 4/25/04
Jessi had breakfast with all time heavyweight champion Muhammed Ali recently. They discussed one of the last songs Waylon wrote before he passed away. It was inspired by Muhammed and Waylon even called him from the hospital to tell him about it after he wrote it. Jessi is hoping to release the demo type recording and Muhammed offered video of his career for a video. Proceeds are planned to go to charity.

NEWS FROM 4/20/04
A substantiated rumor in Nashville says that Faith Hill has recorded her own version of Jessi Colter's hit "I'm Not Lisa". While there is no guarantee that just because she recorded the song that it will be on her next album, sources say there is at least a 75% chance that it will indeed make it. Pretty cool huh? That would mean publicity and high profile mentions of Jessi. Jessi has recorded a new album produced by pop guru Don Was (Waylon's producer on Waymore's Blues Part II). It will be available on Waylon.com within 2 weeks.
Shooter Jennings is in L.A. trying to become a rock and roll/country star. He has the interest of many labels and is holding out to control his own destiny. He is definitely a chip off the old block. His girlfriend just landed the part on Joey from Friends new sitcom. Drea de Matteo is her name and she plays the Mafia moll otherwise known as Chris-tuh'fuh's (that's how she says it and has become a signature) fiance'e. Her Soprano name is Adriana La Cerva.

PS -- There is a Dukes of Hazzard movie in the making!!!


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