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Title: Waylon Jennings at JD’s
(Bat Records: BAT-1001, December 1964)
The original release of this on BAT records is worth big big bucks!  It needs to be on BAT records though... right Bob Grady!  Otherwise it's a re-release or a re-package

Original liner notes:

In the field of music there are various sounds, which are often called styles. Waylon Jennings has a style which is direct and all his own. Raised in Lubbock, Texas, he started with a number of small bands. Waylon’s first big opportunity was with Buddy Holly and the Crickets, which for any entertainer is a wonderful and needed ground for experience and training.
After leaving Buddy and the Crickets, Waylon became a part time disc jockey along with his music career. After a time we find Waylon in Phoenix along with his hit record “Four Strong Winds” played on both the popular and country radio stations.
The next big step for Waylon was opening at J.D.’s the biggest night spot in the Southwest which is unique in the fact that it has two floors which supplies two bands simultaneously for the listening and dancing pleasure for all taste. a rock ‘n roll band on the bottom floor and Waylon Jennings’ country and western on the top floor.
The style Waylon has brought to J.D.’s attracts capacity crowds. His music is a mixture of country, rock, blues and modern sounds.
Indeed Waylon is in a class of his own. The 12 sides are a fine tribute to his talents. His future is bright and in summation “Each time I witness this gentleman’s music it becomes greater, much to my delight.”
This album was made possible by the combined effort of Waylon Jennings and the owners of J.D.’s.
I have no doubt that this record will speak for itself. So grab a seat or put your dancing shoes on, this will be an experience in music that will make your listening and dancing hours a most dellightful experience.

Waylon Jennings - Lead
Jerry Gropp - Rhythm
Paul Foster - Bass
Richard Albright - Drums

Crying - worth the price of the album honestly

Song list:
Sally Was A Good Old Girl
Burning Memories
Big Mamou
Don’t Think Twice
Dream Baby
It’s So Easy
Love’s Gonna Live Here
White Lightnin’

White Lightin' - the classic George Jones cut.  Waylon always said that "Everybody wanted to sound like George Jones."
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